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Grupo Degfer committed to continuous improvement in quality processes, food safety and industrial safety. Our process room for frozen products is suitable with equipment and facilities to offer added value to the product as vacuum sealing, packed with linear thermoformers of high productive efficiency, conveyor belts with automatic classification and metal detection during the process. The packaging and storage is carried out in the maintenance chamber with a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius constantly monitored with digital equipment online stowed under rack system. The whole process is carried out in an environment rigorously adapted to the latest sanitary and ecological regulations. The technical team of quality control performs a constant monitoring and analysis of each and every one of the production processes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to always guarantee the highest quality.

Production plant

Planta Fresco

Production Process

First the raw material is received fresh in thermal vans, after the classification and identification it is placed in special vats and it is transferred to the maintenance chamber with 160 metric tons at zero degrees celsius. Now the product is processed in rooms at 14 degrees fresh, then are entered into the freezing tunnels with capacity of 96 metric tons per day at minus 35 degrees and 8 degrees celsius in frozen with a capacity of 30 metric tons of raw material.


Our work is based on a detailed quality control based on the assurance and control of food safety through HACCP, SSOP, BMP systems.


Boat Fleet

We have a fleet of national and international industrial ships and operate one of the largest fleets of artisanal fishing boats in Ecuador. Our crew is highly trained and trained in the facilities under HACCP standards.


The boats have a refrigeration system incorporated specially conditioned according to the protocols from 0 to 45 °, to guarantee the delivery of a fresh fish from its capture until its process. They also use the highest technology in fishing, to achieve sustainable fishing.

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